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Rob Browne / Letting Go (in Work)


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  • 1870 Art Center
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I've always been able to draw- it's a family gift. Whether pencil or pen, I really enjoy the nuance of line; it can say so much with the slightest variation. This skill served me for many years as a draftsman and illustrator.

Perhaps because drawing did come so easily, I welcomed the challenge of sculpting in college and, from my first bag of clay, was hooked. Where line could "suggest," clay was.

I loved the human figure and was intrigued by the volumes, shifting masses and balance. It's as though I could intuitively "feel" or sense the form and every sag, pooch or valley of the changing surface. Enthusiasm for the medium carried me through a degree in sculpture from San Jose State University and master classes under Bruno Lucchesi and Glenna Goodacre at the Scottsdale Artists School. Today, drawing is still a part of my thought processes but mostly done to work out ideas or convey concepts for sculpture.

Rob Browne / Menlo Park Studio

My work succeeds because of an innate curiosity about people, their stories and their ideas. I take great pleasure in exploring and developing ideas for new projects with an eye toward how and what to communicate to viewers, and invite clients to participate in the process.

Faces fascinate me. I've been told that my portraits go beyond likeness and somehow capture the spirit of the subject. It's a gift. If I knew how I did it, I'd bottle and sell it. Maybe it's that I somehow connect with each of my subjects by getting to know them through conversation and observation.

So, whether a parent wishing to remember their child at a certain age, an executive wanting a motivational award, a gallery seeking fresh novel artworks or a city looking for a professional artist to design attractive, durable works of art that acknowledge the past or inspire the future, please do give me a call.

Rob Browne / Belmont Studio

For 12 years, I maintained a public Studio/Gallery in Menlo Park's, Allied Arts Guild, with clientele from around the U.S. and abroad. During this time I built a reputation for portrait sculpture.

In 2004, my studio moved to the 1870 Arts Center in Belmont, CA. The new facility allows me to work much larger and spend more time doing the artwork.

If you have a project to discuss, would like to kick around some ideas or just want to see what I'm doing - visitors are always welcome at the studio.

Please call ahead for an appointment. 650-261-1086